LeilaBox is here! and you're going to love it

LeilaBox is here! and you're going to love it - Leila Jewels

If you already love Leila jewelry wait til you try LeilaBox!  It's all the fun without any of the commitment.

For just $22 a month Leila sends you three pieces of jewelry - a necklace, a bracelet and a pair of earrings - on loan, with a total retail value of between $100 and $250.  It comes straight to your mailbox, and who doesn't love to get jewelry in the mail?  You get to wear and enjoy the jewelry for as long as you like, whether it's a month, two weeks, two months, whatever you like! and when you're ready for a refresh you put the jewelry back in the box and into the included postage-paid envelope and put it back in the mailbox.  Within days a fresh box of jewelry is on its way to you.  Postage is ALWAYS free and there is NO COMMITMENT!  You can stop at any time - just send back whatever jewelry you currently have with a note in the box that you want to cancel and that's it.  

Perhaps you got a piece in your box that you can't bear to give up... we get it!  Just send the box back without it, and we'll charge the credit card on file for the piece you kept - at the "member's only" discounted price!  The price list is included in your box (with the retail price and the discounted price listed) so there's never any surprise with that.

As one of our subscribers said, "This is genius!"

You can fill out a style profile to let us know what your jewelry preferences are (do you prefer dainty, delicate pieces or statement jewelry?) but we love it when you let us surprise you with something you might not have tried if you were actually purchasing it.  Why not push the envelope, go out of your comfort zone a little?  Since there's no commitment if you really don't like it, just send it back - even if it's the next day!  

Recently a customer wrote us that when she opened her box and saw the chunky bracelet we had sent her she really didn't like it, but it matched her dress so she put it on and wore it one day.  She got so many compliments from her friends and co-workers that it completely changed her mind, and now she loves it!  Sometimes you just have to try something new!

So give LeilaBox a try - and get your first month for just $1 with the coupon code leilajewels.  It's the ultimate try-and-buy!  Enroll today!


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