Holiday 1/2 Price Sale is Here!

Holiday 1/2 Price Sale is Here! - Leila Jewels
Let's ring this year out with a bang - NOT a whimper.
There have been times, these past few months, when we all wanted to just curl up and cry. But did we give in? Did we drown our sorrows, pain and frustration in red wine and carbohydrates?
Well, sure. We're only human.
But then we blotted our mascara, pulled up our big girl panties, and hauled ourselves back to our lives - took care of our families, made dinner (or ordered pizza), and got back to work. That's what women do.
But this year is almost over, and look at you! You made it through, and you look pretty great. And yes, you deserve a present for all that you do.
How about a fabulous piece of statement jewelry that will make you happy every time you look at it? And while you're at it (since everything on the site is half price) you can pick out a piece for each member of your "book club" - or whatever you call that group of kick-ass women who support you. (That's what I call mine.) You know - the ones you call when it all gets too much, who drop everything and get on the zoom call to listen, then share their own, very similar breakdowns; who help you know that you're not alone in this crazy corona world. The ones you wouldn't stay sane without.
And since the holidays are almost here, make everyone happy and get one of those big, sparkly, feel-good pieces of happiness for everyone on your holiday gift list. Because there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and 2020 is almost over.
Shipping is always free in the continental US, but act now so it gets there in time for the holidays. I'll even gift wrap it, all sparkly and pretty, and ship it direct, with a personalized note from you (at no extra charge - just send me a message where it says "notes"). Just think - one less thing for you to do.
Stay healthy, and hang in there, ladies. We're all in this together.
Thanks for your support (emotional AND retail!),

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