Coming Soon -! A brand new jewelry subscription box.... with a twist.

Coming Soon -!  A brand new jewelry subscription box.... with a twist. - Leila Jewels

If you like Leila jewelry you're going to LOVE!

A new way to satisfy your jewelry addiction, LeilaBox is a subscription box that allows you to get three pieces of Leila jewelry at a time, on loan, for only $22/month.

Each box will have three pieces of high-end, gorgeous jewelry - a necklace, a bracelet, and earrings - with a retail value of $100 - $250.  Sterling silver, colored gemstones and cubic zirconia - it will all be in your LeilaBox.  One month you'll find a boho-chic grouping with silver, turquoise and leather; the next month it might be classic pearls and golden earrings.  Wear it as long as you want - a week, a month, or longer - and whenever you're ready, put it back in the box and send it back for a whole new box with three new pieces.  And shipping is completely free, both ways, always!

Of course, you'll probably find that there's a piece that you simply can't bear to give up.  No problem - everything in your box is available to buy at a discounted "member's only" price!  When you're ready, just put the pieces you don't want to keep back in the box and send them back, and we'll charge the credit card on file for the piece you kept.  And right away - a fresh box of stunning jewelry will be winging its way to you!

Now you can try new styles and go outside your comfort zone without worry.  No stress, no department store hassles, no back and forth to the mall, and no huge payments for jewelry you end up returning.  This is the ultimate "try and buy!"  Wear it, see if you love it, and if not - just send it back for something new.  We're betting you're going to love wearing those pieces that you've admired online or in the store, and wondered how they'd look with that little black dress or cute top you just bought.  Now you can stop wondering.

You'll find on-trend pieces that remind you of jewelry you've seen in expensive boutiques, as well as classics that never go out of style.  We know you - we ARE you! - and we think we know what you want: great-looking, classy jewelry you can wear to the office, out to dinner or to the grocery store.  You're busy and you don't have time to shop!

We've got this.

So much fun - and so easy!  LeilaBox comes right to your mailbox, no signature needed.  You won't believe how excited you'll be when you find it waiting for you - and unpacking three amazing new pieces of jewelry that are yours for as long as you want is a terrific feeling.  It's like having an unlimited supply of new jewelry at your fingertips.

Go to right now and put your name on the mailing list so that you'll be the first to know when LeilaBox launches.  We expect it to be in April 2017 so you don't have long to wait.... and you won't believe how great it will be!

Check us out on social media too - Instagram at @myleilabox, Twitter @_leilabox and

See you soon!


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